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40 Years of Programatic Development

Backed by one of the world’s leading institutional capital partners, Barber Partners brings together one of America’s most seasoned teams of commercial real estate professionals. For more than 40 years, we have focused on the development and construction of commercial properties throughout the United States. We are at the forefront of refining practices in land management, design and financing, construction, and property management to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Transformational Power

We could tell you Barber Partners is led by an executive team of industry visionaries with a track record of providing reliable, opportunistic returns for our investor partners. We could rattle off the traditional statistics, like developing, building, and managing more than 20 million square feet of leased space and 36,000 multifamily units in 30 MSAs across markets nationwide, as well as building up and selling significant portfolios that include industrial, commercial, and hospitality properties. That would all be true. But it is missing a key part of who we are.

For us, real estate development and management are not just a business. It’s more like a calling. It’s believing that our mission has transformational power. It’s living our values, not giving them lip service. It’s knowing that reinvesting in properties pays vital dividends.

It’s being invested in our commercial tenants – helping them run an efficient supply chain from strategic locations across the United States. That’s out kind of real estate.


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