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Here at Chill Development, we’re building a nationwide footprint of Class-A temperature-controlled warehouses.

Chill Development marries the next generation of the cold storage chain with modern building requirements and technology.

Modern Facilities

Take advantage of Chill’s newly built facilities that incorporate the latest products and solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

‍Quickly set and hold room temps colder, longer, and more efficiently.

For example, we’ve invested in the most advanced automated temperature control systems, allowing easy remote management from an Internet app. With Chill, you always get the best technology, high-performance insulation, industrial refrigeration, and temperature control capability from -10F to +55F degrees.

Proven Track Record

With over four decades of experience and a long history of programmatic development, the Barber Partners team has become expert at all aspects of commercial real-estate design, development and building, as well as professional management to ensure our properties remain Class-A facilities.



For 40 years, we’ve been at the forefront of capitalizing on opportunity in multiple commercial real estate sectors.

The Barber Partners team has worked together for many years. Together, we are a tight knit family that is passionate about our livelihood and exceeding the expectations of our tenants.



Backed by institutionalized capital, our first Chill facility opened for business in Fall 2023 in the industrial heartland of Denton, Texas, a rapidly growing area of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.



The Chill Development strategic plan includes building 10-15 new speculative facilities in the first 3-5 years in logistically suited markets across the United States.

When selecting our sites, we use proprietary market research and data to determine growth markets with superior access to the transportation network.


Our mission is to deliver the best experience, service and modern facilities in the cold chain business.

Chill Development is Class-A all the way. The best in technology, in systems, and in service so our tenants can grow their businesses and gain measurable operational efficiencies.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
"We are excited to partner with the Barber team to deliver next-generation refrigerated and freezer storage space," said David DesPrez, a Director at Bain

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